About us

Colorado Rovers was started in 1992 by our current Gm and 1st team head coach Erick French. Since then Rovers soccer club has three USSSA national championships, and two US open cup appearances. Colorado Rovers are a member of the Colorado Premier League. Our three men’s teams compete in all three levels of the CPL. Rovers Premier are currently playing in the CPL premier division, the top amateur soccer division in the state. The Rovers Elite team currently play in the CPL elite division, working for promotion in the years to come. Rovers over 30’s compete in the over 30 division of the CPL winning the league last season in Fall 2019.

Future Teams: U-19 boys will compete in the CPL elite division and participate in Showcase tournaments. U-19 girls and Women’s teams will both compete in the Women’s division of the CPL. Both U19 teams will be participating in Showcase tournaments both in Colorado and around the country.

Interested in Becoming a Rover? Contact our General Manager Erickfrench@rovers.soccer